10 Tips to Create the Perfect Tablescape

Spring is in the air!

Refresh your room with a custom table skirt. The table skirt pictured is a large spring floral by Thibault fabrics, custom made to the perfect size for this table. By using a multi-colored floral, it allows you to pull out different colors out every time allowing for more versatility. For this setting we used blue and green with accents of yellow and pink. We then collected some of the whimsical items around the home like the schnauzer pitcher which is a spouter. The kids love to use it to pour out milk on their cereal in the mornings. Then we added a glass dome with a bird’s nest in it to pull in a spring theme, an antique cut-glass basket that we filled with lemon cookies, and lit candles at different heights. The flickering flames among all the glass and lucite added movement.


Our Top 10 Tablescape Tips:

1. Invest in a custom table skirt for each season.

2. Look around your house and gather what you already have. If you already own it, you probably love it.

3. Use glass, china, and real flatware whenever possible.

4. Pull the colors out of your custom table skirt with cloth napkins.

5. Shop local home stores for end of season clearance to add new items to next year’s tabletop.

6. Always use fresh flowers. Check at Sam’s Club, Costco, and your local grocer for seasonal bouquets

7. Add candles at different heights to create ambience, even during the day.

8. Spend a few dollars more on delightful bakery items.

9. Add a little whimsy like a spouting pitcher for great conversation starters.

10. Keep the menu simple so you have time to enjoy your guests.

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