Company is Coming! Are you Ready?

Are you Ready?

The Holiday season is approaching! Are you ready for the influx of visitors into your home? Covid has caused a huge backup in the supply chain, so you may find it hard to find custom drapery, furniture, and even decorations in time for your holiday party. If you are planning to order furniture, draperies, or flooring, contact your designer now, so that can get your order in before inventory dwindles! Wholesalers have inventory of holiday decor that is available only to the trade, so for the best selection, contact your interior designer to take you shopping for Christmas trees, bobbles, greenery, Thanksgiving decor, outdoor lights, etc. You want your home to be ready for the Holiday guests! Remember, it’s also a great time to start your remodeling projects so that you will be ready in the Spring with your contractors and materials lined up to get it done!

Here are our 10 tips for creating guest spaces for the Holidays!

1. So many of you have turned your dining room into an office. Consider moving your dining room table into the lower level for Holiday gatherings

2. If you are going to rent tables, book now!

3. If you’re counting on shopping in discount stores for decor, shop EARLY!

4. Keep extra wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags on hand for last minute gift wrapping.

5. Wrap generic gifts, like scented candles, just in case someone pops by with an unexpected gift for you

6. Bake extra goodies and keep them in the freezer for instant gifts

7. Fill your guest room with travel-size shampoo bottles, lotion, q-tips, packaged toothbrush, etc.

8. Place an extra blanket at the foot of the bed in case your guests get cold

9. Create a list of sight-seeing destinations for day trips

10. Add a small refrigerator, tea pot, and microwave so that your guests can feel like they’re in a hotel

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